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An emigrant population! PDF Print E-mail

Few reasons why I am away from my place of birth - Cape Verde... an excerpt from a radio interview done with an emigrating Capeverdian...

Often people ask me where Cape Verde is and I reply saying we are right at the meeting point from three continents in the ocean and we are an island nation. Yes, I agree we are a nation of emigrants with more emigrants than residents - quite a strange situation but countries like Maldives will relate to the problem sooner than others. To continue further, we have summer climate throughout the year with some rains in three months off and on. Cape Verde has a colonial history with the Portuguese and with the advent of slaves from Africa a new Creole culture began.

Cape Verde residents flock to the USA the most, however, a few of us do travel to Europe with hopes of settling there. Marketing jobs in the UK with companies like Oracle Advertising helps to gain a foothold. The Capeverdian today is a true wanderer and looks to far off lands for better opportunities.

However, the sea and mixed culture of my place is like no other and keeps me moored even as I stay far away from the place of my birth.

Social media presence! PDF Print E-mail

Building a career involves a lot of things and a lot depends on branding. Branding can be done through advertising campaigns and successful social media campaigns. Companies resort to all kinds of things on Facebook and twitter to get the word out.

An online image is crucial in fact so crucial that even not having a facebook account is considered weird 'The Dark Knight Rises' shooter, for example! Morbid thoughts aside social media is a vital tool for connecting with your consumers, clients or even future employers.

Savvy business icons like Sean Parker, Richard Branson, Chris Niarchos and even Bill Gates are all owning their online space to get to the people that buy their products. Clearly, there's a lot to gain in being active on social media.

New country... new jobs!

Cape Verde has strong connections with the USA especially with a huge diaspora there. Moving to a new country is always stressful and nothing like a job to make it worthwhile and fulfilling.

Marketing job are ideal to begin with and direct marketing is an area that looks to recruit new people often. Companies like Appco Group have jobs for freelancers, full-time and part-time.

The best part about marketing is that experience is often not a strict pre-requisite and this is a career that you build with time. Accolades await you and you can even move on to different areas of specialty.

Better online presence for better business

Having a website is not enough; you and your website needs to have better online presence for better business prospects...

This is where trained and experienced optimization professionals and companies like Web Listings Inc come in. You need their help to make your sites rank better and thereby attract more traffic and business.

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Onset Cape Verdean Festival held

The Onset Cape Verdean Festival was held on Sunday, August 12.

Photographer Christos Niarchos, who had participated in the festival, informs- “Bad weather delayed the festival by a day, but when it got underway on Sunday, it thrilled everyone. The music, the smell of food and the presence of people in colourful dress added to the colour of the festival”.

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